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Jamie Gorman

Jamie was a veteran in the retail scene, managing and leading homewares and fashion boutique in Sydney before moving to Singapore. He worked closely with both local and international designers in their design and merchandising. This sparks off his passion for design where he enhanced his knowledge at The International School of Colour and Design, with a Diploma in Creative Visual Arts specializing in Interior Styling and holds a professional certificate in Design.

Jamie believes that design and style are not simply a reflection of what you like, but a composite of your surroundings and most importantly how you live. His style is to harmonize simplicity and elegance in a home setting that is welcoming and comforting. He feels that the grandest room can be as warm as the smallest; it just has to be authentic and match who you are. Jamie likes to explore shops and galleries for inspiration and love travelling, seeking great design ideas and inspirations that will equip him with the capability of giving advice to his customer.  Please contact Jamie:   jamie@theshophouse.com          

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