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Who We Are

Our Mission 

The Shophouse has been a Singapore favourite for nearly 20 years. What started as a teak importer on the East Coast of Singapore, has evolved and expanded into both a retailer and design house; providing a comprehensive range of interior design and home styling services.

Our in-house designers work with our clients, to create the right piece, with the right finish, within the right budget.

The Shophouse is managed with passion and belief by owners Jamie Gorman and John Galligan - both share the vision that well crafted products should be coupled with personalized service. Jamie and John personally select 100% of the products and constantly seek to bring new concepts and options for their clients.

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Jamie Gorman
Hailing from the Southern Highlands in Australia, Jamie has a background in fashion retailing and styling. As the owner of Filthy Lucre in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Jamie learned the ropes of running a fast paced retail business in the highly competitive field of fashion in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

Jamie always had a passion for interior design, which he credits to his mother who was an accomplished stylist and decorator in her own right. Wanting a break from fashion retail, Jamie retrained in interior design and styling and started his own company in Sydney, Inner Space Design where he took on interior and styling projects for a range of residential clients.

Relocating to Singapore with his partner, Jamie found his way to The Shophouse on the recommendations of friends, and the rest, as they say, is history. Jamie came on board as a co-owner and Creative Director of The Shophouse in February 2011.

To get in touch with Jamie: jamie@theshophouse.com

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John Galligan

John is also a native of Australia, but now a permanent resident here in Singapore.  After more than five years living and working here in South East Asia, John brings his executive management skills to The Shophouse looking after marketing, PR and customer experience.   In a career that stretches almost 20 years in politics, corporate and government relations, John understand the needs of busy clients and works closely with his partner Jamie on realising the vision of The Shophouse.

To get in touch with John: john@theshophouse.com